All about the new Sonic actors in Sonic Colours

Ever since the announcement of the Sonic series’ new voice actors for Sonic Colo(u)rs, people have been speculating on the performance of the new voice actors–specifically, Roger Craig Smith and Kate Higgins, the voice of Sonic and Tails, respectively. Though we’ve heard a bit of Smith via his work with the Alton Towers Sonic Spinball ride and Sonic Room, there hasn’t been a lot to indicate where either actor was going with their interpretations of Sega’s famous characters.

So, it only seems right that we give you a taste.

This video shows off the new performances but gives you a look at the story of Sonic Colo(u)rs (as a joint community exclusive for the “Big Three”: Sonic Wrecks, Sonic Stadium and ourselves) and was specially approved by SOJ and Sonic Team for us to reveal, so our thanks to them for helping to support us. This particular clip is the fourth cutscene from the game, so it’s pretty much a given that this may be a spoiler.

In this clip, which we’re collectively calling “Tails and the Translator,” as Colo(u)rs does not use cutscene names, features Tails working with his Miles Electric handheld to try and understand Yakker’s cries for help.

Joypolis does Sonic halloween celebrations

SEGA's theme park resort, Joypolis was planning to do special event in Japan to do with halloween. The laws of the event is, that visitors of Joypolis have to see Sonic do halloween things. This is probanly unlike the Sonic Heroes (Japan 2003, rest of the world 2004) stages of Hang Castle and Mystic Mansion where there are lots of halloween things.

It feels halloween, with all of these ghosts

Ryan Drummond (voice for Sonic the Hedgehog (1998-2004)) playing that role in Sonic Heroes.

Sonic with Jack o' Lantern pumpkin

Sonic with Jack o' Lantern pumpkin

Sonic 4 Game Review on Joystiq

Breathe easily, Sonic fans because is probably something interesting of your favourite thing.

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There was a link on IGN's Sonic the Hedgehog 4 review that it was showing a review of the same game but on Joystiq.

It different approach reviewing the game, comparing to IGN and 1up.
It is recommended to read to all of the text, so you can know how to play the game.
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