DAN ONLINE – Press Announcement

27th September 2012

Dan Online has announced all blogs and websites will be moved to new servers and and use the new danonline.co.cc domain. We will no longer be using WordPress.com as our place anymore. While brand new services will be introduced: DanSocial, DanWiki, DanWeb and DanSearch.

Also advertising will be introduced to the blogs, powered by Google AdSense. While DanBay will be our online car parts shop and will no longer be affilated to AutoDan.

Also this includes micronational websites. Danland’s website will move from Webs to Joomla.

Daniel Sonic is to be moved soon

Wii U release dates announced!

Nintendo’s new console, the Wii U will see a new era in Nintendo’s history. It will a have a portable screen on the controller. This means that people can look at the TV screen and on the portable screen at the same time.


The game console will be released in North America on November 11, 2012; Europe on November 30, 2012 and Japan on December 8, 2012.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013/Winning Eleven 2013 to be final game in the PES series

Pro Evolution Soccer/Winning Eleven 2013 will be the last game in the Winning Eleven/Pro Evolution Soccer series.

The game will be released in Europe on September 20, 2012, while the UK will get it the next day (21 October), while Japan will get it on October 4th, 2012, according to its Japanese website.

Things changed!

The changes we made are:

  • The Header Image represents the topic or logo.
  • The longer posts on the home page no longer represent the full post, now simply the summary, meaning that if you want more information, you just click on the post.
  • The blog is now easier to read and it fits size.
  • To make our blogs popular, we introduced a new blogroll on all of our blogs.
  • On some of our blogs you can now trackback posts.
  • We no longer be doing forums, since now you can use DanSocial to discuss on our blogs.
  • From now on all of our blogs will be categorised.
  • Also a new Green section will be added to the AutoDan site.

Rumour: Daniel Sonic probably to be rebranded!

It has been announced that Daniel Sonic could be rebranded as GamerDan in 2013. This new website will give not just only news on the Sonic the Hedgehog, but also news of other videogames from SEGA and other publishers. All of our previous posts are available to see under our Uncategorized banner soon be renamed the SEGA category.

We will adding game news and game topics from around the world. Unlike most videogame blogs, this blog will centre on worldwide videogame topics never to be seen before.