Sonic Generations confirm date for EU and AU.

SEGA has updated the Sonic Generations product page on their website and reaffirmed a November release month for the Nintendo 3DS edition of the game in Europe and Australia. This version of the game was scheduled for November in a press release when it was officially announced at the beginning of last month, but their website has only listed a “Late 2011″ timetable until now. The 3DS version was also missing from a release schedule SEGA sent out to press early this month, suggesting it may have been delayed. Now it appears we can rest assured that Sonic Generations will hit Nintendo’s handheld the same month it hits consoles.

[Via: The Sonic Stadium]

SEGA of Spain announces Spanish Sonic character voices

SEGA of Spain has now announced, the Spanish character voices for the Sonic the Hedgehog series, which previously the Spanish Sonic games used the English character voices, speaking in English.

According to SEGA Consumer Products S.A. (SEGA of Spain), it will be not be the same voice actoras as in the Castillan Spanish version of Sonic X, however it will be diffrent, but on the other side, Sonic and Tails' Spanish character voices will be the same as in Sonic X, replacing the English voice actors Roger Craig Smith and Kate Higgins (who used the English voices for Sonic and Tails in the Spanish version, as well as in English version) in the Spanish Version.

So from Sonic Generations on, the Spanish Sonic games will have the characters speaking in Spanish, and not in English, as used to be.

SEGA’s old arcade machine on History Channel in the U.S.

SEGA had made a gambling machines in the 1950s and 1960s, known as the Mad Money Star, which now being seen on History Channel HD in the US.

The programme where this arcade machine came from was called American Pickersand featured two people stopping at Smitty’s Big Barn Antiques in Mayer, Arizona, USA. When they went there, they saw a 1959-1962 SEGA arcade machine known as Mad Money Star, which was working in good condition in the past 50 and 60 years. The owner, Smitty thinks that it's a 1940s arcade machine, the decade when SEGA was founded (1940).

This arcade machine was to promote it's Mad magazine, which featured it's mascot (a long time just before Alex Kidd (1985) and Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)) named Alfred E. Neuman, which was on the game's screen, however unlike Sonic and Alex Kidd, Service Games (SEGA Enterprises Ltd. from 1965, when Service Games was merged with Rosen Enterprises Ltd. also from Japan) was a rouge company and could not obtain the licence for Alfred E. Neuman.

Soon, the Japanese arcade machine (originally based in Hawaii from 1940 until 1951, when it moved to Japan [its current site]) company in the late 1950s was banned from American military bases and the company again began to introduce an America HQ known as “SEGA of Nevada” (this was way before SEGA of America which was established in 1986, in Hayward, California, USA) in Nevada, as it's America sole distributor.

The arcade machine was based on the Diamond 3 Star platform (manufactured in 1958 and sold in 1960).

Japanese Escape from the City (Japanese Trailer)

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