New Wisps for Sonic Lost World revealed

According to the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, it has revealed that the Orange Wisp from Sonic Colours will return in Sonic Lost World. Also two new wisps, Grey Quake Wisp and Ivory Lightning have been revealed. The Grey Quake Wisp will see Sonic turn into an iron ball, where you can climb walls and dive off them to destroy enemies with the shock of landing, hence its name.

The Ivory Lightning Wisp gives Sonic the power to quickly ram enemies obstacles in succession. According to The Sonic Stadium (TSS) via a rough Google translation from, he will also able to pass through wires in this state.
The Red Burst Wisp has the same powers as in the DS version of Sonic Colours. In this form, Sonic can fly/hop around the air and change blasts of enemy to destroy surrounding enemies.

Sonic Lost World contains offensive language


The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), which is responsible for rating games in the US and Canada, has rated Sonic Lost World an Everyone 10+ (E 10+) not just because it contains mild animated violence (referred as Mild Cartoon Violence by the ESRB), but also mild language.

The offensive language phrases used in the game are:

In the cutscenes (movies), the phrases are:

  • ‘You’re going home in a box,’
  • ‘I’m going to skin you alive,’
  • ‘I long for death’s cold embrace.’

During gameplay, the phrases are:

  • “I’ll get fat from eating your black hearts,”
  • “One second you’re contemplating genocide,”
  • “As long as I can still strangle a Zeti, my hands are fine.”