Nintendo 3DS and PC versions of Sonic Generations confirmed

SEGA has now confirmed the rumoured Nintendo 3DS version and the PC version of Sonic Generations.

According to Sonic Retro, they've looked up Sonic Generations on the Nintendo 3DS new releases list adn it had it just before it was confirmed.

So Sonic fans are now happy of the new 3DS version and a PC version of the game now!

Good Luck!

SEGA Corporation plans for a Special Surprise on Sonic’s 20th Anniversary

sonic 20y

Brazillan Sonic sites Power Sonic and Sonic Zone have said that SEGA of Japan was going to some special surprises on Sonic's official website and outside the web. And a Sonic Generations demo has now been rated “G” in the Australian Classfication Board and not yet been rated by the ESRB (USA/Canada), PEGI (Europe) or CERO (Japan). Also, Sonic fans have rumoured on an Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations (originally codenamed Sonic 3DS) which still don't know if SEGA has confirmed one yet. Will find out about these great Sonic news by June 23rd.

Sonic joins Namco’s Taiko no Tatsujin

Sonic the Hedgehog has had his fair share of crossovers in the blue blur’s lifetime. Two of the most iconic have been the Mario crossovers, which include the Olympic titles, and Super Smash Bros Brawl. This time Sonic and its music will be featured in Namco’s upcoming drumming game Taiko No Tatsujin Plus.

So out of all the Sonic games that they could have picked to feature tunes from, which title did they end up choosing? Sonic 4: Episode 1. Ah, most likely just a crossover to promote their downloadable title.

Takio no Tatsujin Plus is an iPhone/iPad game. So it’s a good way to cross promote.

[Source: Silconera]

Via: SEGABits

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Sonic Extreme discovered

The unreleased Sonic game “Sonic the Hedgehog: Extreme” has now been discovered by Assembler Games' ProtonX from an Xbox development kit. It was a skateboarding game for the Xbox console, although it was never been released. It may of been morphed into the Xbox version of Sonic Riders (2006). The only known playable characters at the moment are Sonic and Shadow.