New Sonic and All-Stars Racing: Transformed screenshots

SEGA has now announced new screenshots for Sonic and All-Stars Racing: Transformed. Here we will show 2 of the new screenshots. Also the American PlayStation website has announced that the PS3 version of the game will not feature 3D TV support, unlike Sonic Generations which did feature 3D TV support. While has announced details of the game.



Sonic Paradox Remix Shorts

a group of Sonic fans dubbed the Sonic Paradox Team has created a new album called Sonic Paradox Remix Shorts.

The album has tracks from various Sonic games.

The list as follows are:

  1. Race 2 Win, by ZXDX (Mardic and sonicsneakers)
  2. Labyrinth of the Mind, by Rexy
  3. Twinkle Twinkle Little Cart, by Best Dude 55
  4. Above the Storm ~ Sky Troops, by VizardJeffhog
  5. We Can ~Night Jazz Mix~, by sonicsneakers
  6. WORM: BAGGED [Boss Theme ~ Sonic Spinball] by Alien.Renegade
  7. Cryptic Garden ~ Chao Garden, by TrickyWolfy
  8. Ding da Ting ~ DJ EAR
  9. The Black Hole Parade ~ Asteroid Coaster, by sonicsneakers
  10. Balsa Bridge Rag ~ Special Stage, by Rexy
  11. Aquatic Ruin Rock, by sonicsneakers
  12. Tonite at Club Labyrinth, by Recorderdude
  13. It Swims in Circles ~ Lost World, by DJ EAR
  14. Shelbi Mine in Endless Mine, by sonicsneakers
  15. Winterstruck Dawn ~ Ice Cap, by VizardJeffhog
  16. HEXAeco Industries ~ Power Plant, by TrickyWolfy
  17. Above All Else ~ Sky Sanctuary, by Best Dude 55
  18. Gearing Up for the Bonus! by sonicsneakers
  19. Chocolate Chipped Cream Sundae Supreme ~ Rooftop Run, by Rexy
  20. Electric Excavation Down Pyramid Cave, by sonicsneakers
  21. Havoc Harbor ~ Metal Harbor, by VizardJeffhog
  22. Bang it Out (Radio Edit), by DJ EAR
  23. Dreams of An Absolution, by codyjames and sonicsneakers
  24. Green Hills Factory, by SilverSonic

Sonic Fan Source Film Making

Valve recently released its Source engine video editing software to open beta to allow talented individuals to create movies using Source-compatible assets. YouTube user Waxination decided to try their hand at remaking a certain segment from the popular (and highly “memetic”) ’90s Saturday morning cartoon, Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog.

Aside from showing a small sample of what can be done within the Source Film Maker, it’s also interesting to see how well the Classic Sonic model fits with Jaleel White’s Sonic. Although it’s very unlikely the short’s creator will do much more than finish the clip, it could be an interesting undertaking for a group of fans to try and “adapt” an episode of the cartoon using the film engine.

Check out one more example by YouTuber ChaoFanatic below! Thanks to RGamer2009.

[Source: Sonic Retro]


USAOpoly reveals the Sonic Monopoly board


USAOpoly has now revealed the Sonic Monopoly board. The board game will be in stores in the US, this September.


New Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed trailer and tracks

SEGA has now unveiled a new Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed trailer and also new tracks, such as Starlight Carnival of Sonic Colours, a TV studio type circuit from Super Monkey Ball and a floating island track from Skies of Acadia.


SA3 Rumours Officially Addressed by SEGA of Antarctica

SA3 (which possibly could mean Sonic Adventure 3) rumours have now addresed by SEGA of Antarctica’s Ben Kalough. However SA3 domains have been registered weeks ago, but haven’t been registered by SEGA.

It could be an upcoming Sonic game. Unknown if it will be the upcoming Sonic game where Eggman dies.




Sonic magazine launched in Germany!

Italian magazine publisher Panini has now launched a Sonic the Hedgehog magazine in Germany, making Sonic’s début in a magazine.

However this has already Sonic’s fan’s dream for years but now it is real. According to SEGA it has Archie Comic strips, fun activities and competitions.