The final post

This is now the final post of The Sonic Zone. After almost almost 4 years blogging, The Sonic Zone (known as Daniel Sonic from 2010 to 2013) is to be replaced by a new blog hosted on Blogger known as DanBlog, which will not just only have Sonic posts, but posts of other stuff, such as cars and other stuff.

Good bye!

The Sonic Zone (2010-2014)

Ryo Hazuki DLC now available

For PC owners of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed. The long awaited Ryo Hazuki DLC is now live. Ryo drives around in vehicles based on various classic Sega arcade machines which are also found in the original Shenmue title.

If you fancy picking up this one, it’s very reasonably priced at only 99p.

And before you ask, So far only the PC & Mobile version of the game are to get Ryo at this time. However if this changes we’ll let you know.

Source: Steam, via The Sonic Stadium.

Greg Martin, Box Art Ilustrator has died


Yesterday we learnt from The Sonic Stadium that Greg Martin had died in May 2013. He was best known for designing the American and some European box arts of classic Sonic titles. He also designed box arts for other videogame franchises (inc. Pac-Man). In addition to box arts, he also did illustrations of Sonic in various Western Sonic the Hedgehog advertisements.