Prices for Sonic Lost World in the UK, USA and Australia

Sonic Lost World will be released in Europe and Australia later this week, while Japan will be getting it on the 24th October and North America will get it on October 29th (initially October 22nd until the release date was delayed to October 29th in September 2013).

Note: Prices are subject to change and are correct as of time of writing.

Wii U
WOW HD: £29.19
Grainger Games: £29.99
Simply Games: £32.85
ShopTo: £32.86 (Pre-order bonus: 5 Black Bombs Colour Power and Rare Gold Omochao RC gadget to use in co-op mode.)
Amazon: £32.99 (Pre-order bonus: 25 extra lives and Rare Omochao RC gadget that helps collect rings in co-op mode.)
Currys: £32.99
PC World: £32.99
Argos: £32.99
365Games: £33.99
Blockbuster: £34.85
Nintendo: £34.99
GAME: £34.99
Base: £34.99
Smyths Toys: £34.99 (in store)
CoolShop: £36.95
Zavvi: £37.98
The Hut: £37.98
GameStop: £39.97
GameSeek: £44.97
Sainsburys: £44.99
Woolworths: £49.00
Very: £49.00
Littlewoods: £62.00 or pay from £0.81 per week

ShopTo: £27.85
Grainger Games: £27.99
Amazon: £27.99
Currys: £27.99
PC World: £27.99
Argos: £27.99
365Games: £28.99
Simply Games: £29.85
Blockbuster: £29.85
CoolShop: £29.95
GameStop: £29.97
Zavvi: £29.98
The Hut: £29.98
GAME: £29.99
Base: £29.99
Smyths Toys: £29.99 (in store)
Tesco: £30.00
WOW HD: £30.39
GameSeek: £34.97
Nintendo: £34.99
Sainsburys: £34.99
Woolworths: £39.00
Very: £39.00
Littlewoods: £49.00 or pay from £2.45 per week

Wii U
Blockbuster: $41.56
WOW HD: $58.95
Mighty Ape: $68.49
JB Hi-Fi: $79.00
EB Games: $79.95

Blockbuster: $35.96
WOW HD: $50.95
Mighty Ape: $58.49
JB Hi-Fi: $59.00
EB Games: $59.95

Wii U
Amazon: $49.95 (Pre-order bonus: 25 extra lives)
Walmart: $49.96
GameStop: $49.99 (Pre-order bonus: Rare Sonic Omochao RC gadget that helps collect rings in co-op mode)
Target: $49.99
Kmart: $49.99
Best Buy: $49.99
Toys R Us: $49.99

Amazon: $39.95
Walmart: $39.96
GameStop: $39.99
Target: $39.99
Kmart: $39.99
Best Buy: $39.99
Toys R Us: $39.99

Sonic Lost World’s release date possibly broken!

According to the The Sonic Stadium, a Sonic fansite, Videos on the new upcoming Sonic title, Sonic Lost World, had just been recently leaked on YouTube by Spanish user accounts. One video spotted on the Sonic Stadium Message Board showed a cutscene (movie) from the game in Spanish, with the following dialogue:

  • Sonic y Tails salvarán a tus amigos (Sonic & Tails will save your friends)
  • ¿Habeís conseguido en salvar estos animales? (Have you yet saved those animals?)
  • ¡Un momento…! ¿Solo uno? ¡Ja… qué cutre! ¡Yo ya los habría salvado a todos! (Wait a minute…! Only one? Ha…how shabby! I’ve already saved them all!)
  • Ay no quiero imaginarme lo que Eggman les estará haciendo. (Literally means: Oh, I don’t want to imagine what Eggman is doing to them)


Sonic Lost World contains offensive language


The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), which is responsible for rating games in the US and Canada, has rated Sonic Lost World an Everyone 10+ (E 10+) not just because it contains mild animated violence (referred as Mild Cartoon Violence by the ESRB), but also mild language.

The offensive language phrases used in the game are:

In the cutscenes (movies), the phrases are:

  • ‘You’re going home in a box,’
  • ‘I’m going to skin you alive,’
  • ‘I long for death’s cold embrace.’

During gameplay, the phrases are:

  • “I’ll get fat from eating your black hearts,”
  • “One second you’re contemplating genocide,”
  • “As long as I can still strangle a Zeti, my hands are fine.”

New Sonic game, Sonic Lost World announced!


Sonic Lost World has now been announced! The game will be for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The game is in fact similar to Sonic Colours (2010) and classic Sonic games. New enemies featured in the game are the badniks (animal shaped robots) similar to those from Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (also from 2010). In this game Sonic and Dr. Eggman join forces to defaet 6 guardians. Also the Wisps and Colour Powers from Sonic Colours will return. The game is set in the planet of Lost Hex. Plus Sonic’s friends from classic Sonic games will also return, including Flicky.

According to the screenshots from IGN, it seems that the 3DS versions of Lost World will not be like those of Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure, the DS version of Sonic Colours or the 3DS of Sonic Generations. The new screenshots and graphics for the 3DS version is completely different from Sonic Rush (2005).

Both versions (according to the screenshots from IGN) will have a mixture of 2D and 3D gameplay.

Also Sonic Lost Worlds will also include (sourced from The Sonic Stadium)

  • Levels include ‘Wind Hill’ & ‘Desert Ruins’
  • Desert Ruins consists of a Cake, Candy and sweet themed environment.
  • Sonic builds up speed slowly, the player decides when he wants to go faster and then with another button decides when he wants to unleash the next level of speed.
  • Parkour system, designed to allow players to navigate objects at speed without coming to a dead stop.
  • 2 player “support” mode confirmed.
  • Sonic is the only playable character (as in classic Sonic games, Sonic 4, Sonic Colours and Sonic Unleashed )
  • Tails, Knuckles & Amy appear in the story, they are not playable.
  • The planet is called ‘Lost Hex.’
  • Rescuing animals will influence various unlockable content.
  • Red Rings are back.
  • Gold cannons are used to unlock secret/alternative paths.