Sonic Jump and Dash are blockbusters

Sonic Jump which is a pay download is now at 8 million downloads. while the speedy free to play Sonic Dash is currently at 20 million downloads. Actively 1 million dashers played the game, as of 11th July 2013.

The Chief Technical Officer of the game’s developers Hardlight Studios, a British smartphone, tablet and PC Games developer, Chris Southall said that those two Sonic games were doing very well and played daily and:

“You can just see that Sonic is such a big IP; we haven’t actually done any advertising or user acquisition yet on Sonic Dash, We’re doing updates through the year, we’re going to to keep doing that, and using the learning we’ve gained as a studio. And [we’re going to] start to actually advertise the game and push it more. So hopefully where we are now with Sonic Dash is kind of the beginning rather than the end.”