Sonic Lost World’s release date possibly broken!

According to the The Sonic Stadium, a Sonic fansite, Videos on the new upcoming Sonic title, Sonic Lost World, had just been recently leaked on YouTube by Spanish user accounts. One video spotted on the Sonic Stadium Message Board showed a cutscene (movie) from the game in Spanish, with the following dialogue:

  • Sonic y Tails salvarán a tus amigos (Sonic & Tails will save your friends)
  • ¿Habeís conseguido en salvar estos animales? (Have you yet saved those animals?)
  • ¡Un momento…! ¿Solo uno? ¡Ja… qué cutre! ¡Yo ya los habría salvado a todos! (Wait a minute…! Only one? Ha…how shabby! I’ve already saved them all!)
  • Ay no quiero imaginarme lo que Eggman les estará haciendo. (Literally means: Oh, I don’t want to imagine what Eggman is doing to them)


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