Sonic Paradox Remix Shorts

a group of Sonic fans dubbed the Sonic Paradox Team has created a new album called Sonic Paradox Remix Shorts.

The album has tracks from various Sonic games.

The list as follows are:

  1. Race 2 Win, by ZXDX (Mardic and sonicsneakers)
  2. Labyrinth of the Mind, by Rexy
  3. Twinkle Twinkle Little Cart, by Best Dude 55
  4. Above the Storm ~ Sky Troops, by VizardJeffhog
  5. We Can ~Night Jazz Mix~, by sonicsneakers
  6. WORM: BAGGED [Boss Theme ~ Sonic Spinball] by Alien.Renegade
  7. Cryptic Garden ~ Chao Garden, by TrickyWolfy
  8. Ding da Ting ~ DJ EAR
  9. The Black Hole Parade ~ Asteroid Coaster, by sonicsneakers
  10. Balsa Bridge Rag ~ Special Stage, by Rexy
  11. Aquatic Ruin Rock, by sonicsneakers
  12. Tonite at Club Labyrinth, by Recorderdude
  13. It Swims in Circles ~ Lost World, by DJ EAR
  14. Shelbi Mine in Endless Mine, by sonicsneakers
  15. Winterstruck Dawn ~ Ice Cap, by VizardJeffhog
  16. HEXAeco Industries ~ Power Plant, by TrickyWolfy
  17. Above All Else ~ Sky Sanctuary, by Best Dude 55
  18. Gearing Up for the Bonus! by sonicsneakers
  19. Chocolate Chipped Cream Sundae Supreme ~ Rooftop Run, by Rexy
  20. Electric Excavation Down Pyramid Cave, by sonicsneakers
  21. Havoc Harbor ~ Metal Harbor, by VizardJeffhog
  22. Bang it Out (Radio Edit), by DJ EAR
  23. Dreams of An Absolution, by codyjames and sonicsneakers
  24. Green Hills Factory, by SilverSonic

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