Big the Cat to dissapear from Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic Team is no longer going to use Big the Cat in Sonic the Hedgehog in the future, meaning it might be good day or sad day for Sonic fans. According to recent to interviews with Takashi Iizuka, he says:

“We just have not found a good use for him”. “We tried him as a fisherman and a strongman but nothing worked out.”

They have been various other Sonic characters that were killed off in the end:
These are:

-Mighty the Armadillo (Knuckles' Chaotix)
-Fang the Sniper/Nack the Weasel (1994-1996)
-Bean (Sonic the Fighters/Sonic Championship)
-Bark (Sonic the Fighters/Sonic Championship)
-Marine the Racoon (Sonic Rush Adventure)

Also, Dr. Eggman is said to die in an upcoming Sonic game.

However, Big the Cat will still make his role in the comics.


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