How to fix “missing” Sonic 4 PC Saves

sonic 4 title screen

Chances of the people that have the PC Version of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 (2010) have gotten a small update to the game. Upon trying the game out, you might also noticed, that your settings were all gone and that your save file was gone as well.

While we will be making another post of Sonic 4, let's focus on fixing that issue. What this last update could create another Executable File (.exe file): One for Windows XP and the other for Windows Vista/7. To restore settings, you'll need to run the settings application included with the game As for the save file, it's still there with all of your hard work. It just needs a little renaming.

To do so, head into your Steam folder located in Program Files, click on the folder “steamapps” and then “common”. Click on the “Sonic 4” folder and you should a file named “Sonic_save.dat”. Simply rename this to “Sonic_vis_data.dat” and all of your hard work will be restored.


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