Sega plays dangerous games in the US. Could SOPA and PIPA return in the US?

The US Government has recently made an attempt to enact rules to regulate protection of intellectual properties and to take down piracy. Thanks to the millions of people that shared anger for overbearing protection and angry high school kids cheating on their homework, both (according to Sonic Retro) the SOPA and PIPA have been banned for reconsideration. What great timing for this and the re-release of Sonic CD via Stream in the West, as it lets us recall an incident as early as 1993 during the US Senate hearings for violent video games.

If you call the lengthy retrospective of the Sega Mega CD/Sega CD, as well as another one of its landmark titles, Night Trap, the developers put out a short documentary named “Dangerous Games” regarding their perspective during and after the hearings from producers, actors as well as avid ‘gamers.’

Here you can watch a video about it:

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