Yuji Naka announces new Sonic film, since visiting Marza Animation Studios

2010s is Sonic's greatest decade! A Japanese film studio owned by SEGA, called Marza Animation Studios has plans to launch a Sonic film. Many film-makers had wanted to make a Sonic film for years and now a Japanese studio has plans to make a Sonic film or something else.

Sonic Fans have thought that he was talking on cut-scenes for Sonic and not a film.

Yuji Naka's interview with SEGA of America stated info on a Sonic film:

Sega.com: You've mentioned that trends in the movie and videogame industry are particularly interesting to you. Would you ever like to see Sonic on the Big Screen?
Yuji Naka: I definitely want to see him on the Big Screen! The animated TV series “Sonic X” has started in Japan and is scheduled to begin being aired in the USA and Europe around the end of the year. If it is a hit, the movie version may become possible. This is an old story from about 10 years ago, but there were talks of making a Hollywood film of Sonic several times, so I hope it will be realized. I want Sonic to become a sleeper hit.


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