Relive Archie, One Panel

There is something infinitely magical about Tumblr. It’s praises have been sung in the past before on Sonic Retro, from places that make you squeal in delight at Sonic the Comic imagery, to the ever-growing collection of .gifs featuring Sonic running in ways you won’t see in any beta. Well kids and kidettes, strap yourself in: another Tumblr of interest is coming your way.

Serving as the perfect counterpart to the Fuck Yeah Sonic the Comic comes A Moment of Archie Sonic.

“Even if you love Archie Sonic, sometimes things are just plain damn wrong,” the blog warns us ahead of time. Oh, how right they are. Even if you have been a devout follower of the series it is hard to argue that the art has been stellar, or every line is Pulitzer prize material. And I mean, with images like this…

…so easy to use, no wonder its number one!

[Source: Sonic Retro]


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