Sonic Fan Gaming Update

Sonic Fans enjoy to make their own Sonic games. The first Sonic Fan Game was made for Amiga PC systems. It was followed by Sonic Boom in 1995. Sonic Boom had a virus and was removed from the internet. It was re-released in 1996 by Magnus Andersson. It had another re-release later on and was renamed Rotor Boom and featured a Sonic character from the American Archie comics (1993-present) and the Sonic the Hedgehog (known to fans as SatAM) TV series (DiC, 1993-1994).

But now, 17 years later, a Sonic fan called Andrew75 has now made a revival of the cancelled Sonic X-Treme game (cancelled in 1997), which was intended to be released on Christmas 1996, which led Sonic the Hedgehog games to use 3D graphics and a 3D camera view. It was for the SEGA Saturn (1995-1998). Andrew75 is also going to make a 3D version of Sonic CD.


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