Sonic Generations announced

SEGA has now announced “Sonic Generations” and it will be under production by now! This game is going to be the first Sonic game, to feature Spanish voice actors from Sonic X in the Spanish version of that game. Sonic will be played by Junichi Kanemaru in Japanese, Roger Craig Smith in English and Rafael Roig Jr. in the Spanish version in the game. The game will be available for all consoles. It will probably be 2-D on game consoles such as the Nintendo DS and 3-D on consoles like Wii. Nintendo has announced of a console that will succeed the Wii. Perhaps, they will be French, German and Italian voice actors as well who will play the voice for new Sonic game which played the characters in Sonic X (Japan: 2003-2004; Elsewhere 2003-2006). We can either chose the Classic Sonic (designed by Naoto Oshima) and the Modern Sonic (designed by Yuji Uekawa) or any other Sonic character in the series.

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