Pre-alpha release for a 3-D Sonic game made by a fan named Azukara

The pre-alpha version of Sonic Freerunner has now been released.

According to it's press-release:

The pre-alpha will feature:Enhanced movement. Sonic no longer moves like a hovercraft, as in vanilla Blitzsonic. Sonic controls very similarly to Sonic Adventure.. Spinball mechanics. Sonic can accelerate rapidly down hills in ball form. If holding down the roll button when touching a surface Sonic immediately rolls. Pressing the button while rolling uncurls Sonic.. SA / 3D Blast Spindash. The one button Spindash has been implemented; however, you can toggle the controls back to “crouch+tap jump” in the options menu.. Starpost object. Starpost is modeled by SefirothDB. Yes, you can respawn from the post's position after contacting it.. Particle effects. Sonic now screeches dust whenever he skids or Spindashes. It's also used for something else, but thats best kept a secret… Realistic ring loss. Self-explanatory. *. Underwater physics. (This includes sluggish movement and moon jumping, albeit no drowning mechanics have been added yet.). A working menu. It is very WIP, but nevertheless it is a working menu.. Life loss and 1UP stuff. Ability to lose lives and respawn, and gain 100 rings and/or hit a 1UP box and gain an extra life.**. Item display. When hitting a monitor it displays what you got temporarily in the HUD.

Sounds great!

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