Sonic Fan Games

Since, about early this year, there was a Sonic fan game called “Eggman Hates Furries” which is based on the Classic Sonic titles but it uses the new Western name Dr. Eggman (which at the time when the classic Sonic games were made, the name Dr. Eggman was used in Japan and not in the west where they used the Dr. Ivo Robotnik name). Sonic fan gaming has been a lot since the last decade (2000-2009), but since this decade is Sonic's decline era, it could get less. One of those are Sonic Worlds and Sonic Classic (formerly Sonic 1 PC), which Sonic Classic you can now download.

Sonic Classic (Full Game) | With Music
Sonic Classic (Full Game) | Without Music

These pages will be soon added to our downloads page.

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