Sonic targets India and SEGA and UTV Indiagames make a Sonic cricket game

Sonic Cricket

Sonic Cricket Screenshot

SEGA has now spread Sonic into India with a cricket game called “Sonic Cricket”. SEGA´s mobile department´s Kaoru Nagai has said that it wanted to spread the Sonic name into India. Even this game is perhaps unfamiliar to our American readers, because they don´t play cricket overthere. This game should Indian Sonic fans become happier with Sonic playing cricket.

Here is the press release:

UTV Indiagames launches ‘Sonic Cricket’ for mobile Team

(16 February 2011 9:30 pm)

MUMBAI: UTV Indiagames has partnered with the interactive entertainment company Sega Corp. to launch dashing arcade style game Sonic Cricket for mobile.

UTV Indiagames CEO Vishal Gondal said, “Adding an additional entertainment and fun twist to your usual game of cricket, we have associated with Sega, the brainchild behind the much loved character and introduced Sonic to the cricketing world on mobile. With the launch of this game, we look forward to offering gaming enthusiasts, a new opportunity to enjoy their favourite sport, the Sonic way!”

According to the company, Sonic Cricket will be blended in with the original infamous soundtrack of Sonic. It is a fast moving cricket game targeted at both the enthusiasts of the game and fans of the character.

Sega Corporation mobile department manager Kaoru Nagai said, “Our association with UTV Indiagames reiterates our commitment to spread the ‘Sonic’ brand to the users in India. Launching Sonic Cricket will definitely be considered as one of our breakthroughs as 2011 is Sonic’s 20th anniversary and bringing together the character with one of the most played games in this country, will definitely add to our celebrations.”


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