Friday News, 11-2-2011

Daniel Sonic News:

-Downloads page has been prepared.

-Daniel Sonic soon is planning to change host

Other Blogs News:

-Other blogs begin to change host

SEGA/Sonic News

-Sonic game for Nintendo 3DS may release in Japan as the 3DS in Japan (the Nintendo 3DS will cost in Europe, €307.99 as according to

-SEGA Dreamcast Collection to be released in late February

-SEGA West begins to release for the new rumoured PSP2

-SEGA Rally is releasing on SEGA´s PSN/XBLA project

-SEGA videogame, The Condizzle heads to the Nintendo 3DS

Other news:

-Nokia and Microsoft form alliance

-Egypt army vow on emergancy rule

-Councils win school building case

-West Ham 2012 stadium bid chosen


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