Michael Phelps: A videogame celebrity

A Kinect-enabled swimming video game starring Olympic champion Michael Phelps may be an original idea. But video games are nothing new to Phelps. “I actually play video games just about every day,” he says. “It's been something that I have done for a long time.”

So when publisher 505 Games approached Phelps, who is 25, about a possible video game, that “was something I could not pass up,” he says. “It was cool to be able to be part of the process of vetting the game. It was actually the first game I used that you can use Kinect with. … Literally you are standing there, you feel you are swimming on land.”

The game, Michael Phelps — Push the Limit is due in June. (See the Michael Phelps — Push the Limit story on USATODAY.com.) More from Phelps:

How old were you when you started playing video games?
My first video game system was the Sega Genesis and I guess that's the first one I really remember. Sonic the Hedgehog and NBA Jam. Those are the games growing up that I really remember. Then along came the PlayStation and the Xbox and PlayStation 3 and everything.

Favorite games?
I guess I really only played sports games my whole life. The games I play now are Tiger Woods and FIFA, that's really pretty much it.

A certain high score or achievement you are proud of?
My lowest round on Tiger was 52. I play Tiger all the time.

“I'm looking forward to playing …”
I''m really looking forward to the new Tiger and seeing how the graphics are and with them adding a bunch of courses. I usually play on Xbox. (PlayStation Move) is something I want to try. That and Kinect are two systems I really want to try.

[Source: USA Today]


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