Sonic Colours sends SEGA into the Black

Sonic Colours wisps

Players agree: The colours felt so right

Despite some magazine and internet reviews, that was not enough to deter the sales of Sonic Colours (known in Japan and the U.S. as Sonic Colors), the title took off and never looked back, having sold 1.87 million copies worldwide.

On the financial side, the SEGA-Sammy group (the group that owns SEGA and the video game company that makes “pachinko” videogames, Sammy),  posted sales of ¥310.1 billion ($3.77 billion), up to 9% of its first three quarters. The company´s profits were through the roof, as a net income of ¥36.82 billion ($448 million), thanks to Sammy´s strong sales in pachinko (arcade) machines.

Other top sellers, include its platinum games´Vanquish selling 820,000 copies and Football Manager selling 690,000 copies in Europe and the U.S. alone.


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