Pakistan McDonalds Sonic happy meal adverts have lower production

What I saw on a YouTube video is a Pakistani McDonalds TV commercial of 46 seconds, it shows Sonic characters playing sports and activities. The first part shows Tails playing football (soccer), the second part shows Sonic running about, the third part shows Amy and Rouge playing Tennis, the fourth shows Shadow playing Basketball, the fifth shows Cream and Cheese in a forest and the sixth shows Knuckles, the seventh shows Sonic playing Baseball and then it shows the 3 electronic games from McDonalds. Here is the video:

As well as that advert, they may be others that come from other parts of the world.

I do know other Sonic McDonalds adverts like the ones showing a racing Sonic game, a football Sonic game and a Sonic X disc spinner which were advertise on UK TV. Sonic Retro thinks that the Pakistani McDonalds advert is a European advert. This advert has been adopted from China but dubbed in English or Urdu.


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