Sonic-Grams Part 1

Sonic Grams

Now I´m going to tell you that the word “Sonic-Grams” as opposed to Telegrams was the letters page of the American Archie Sonic comic book. As lots when they like Sonic they tend to enjoy the videogames, the American comic books, the British comic books, the Japanese mangas, the two French comic books, the 3 American cartoons (SatAM, the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Underground), the 2 Japanese Animes (Sonic OVA and Sonic X) and related merchandise means they like to do fanart or letters to Sonic websites, printed media or competitions. And not everyone that likes Sonic the Hedgehog are children, but they can been teenager and adult Sonic fans as well. As in those days, the only way to send a letter to Sonic-Grams is to send it by mail to Archie Comics´ adress. Nowadays, you can either send it via e-mail or mail them. As one of the early messages were:

Letter 1

Letter 1 from Booby, Canada.

Letter 2

Letter 2 from New York, USA

Letter 4 from Rachel Risdal, Sioux City, IA, USA.

Letter 4 from Rachel Risdal, Sioux City, IA, USA.

Letter 5 from Sanasi Alessandro, Germany.

Letter 5 from Sanasi Alessandro, Germany.

and finally a fanart drawing from the then 7-year old Joseph Stubbs.

Fanart from Joseph Stubbs

Fanart from Joseph Stubbs

Well see you for part 2.


2 thoughts on “Sonic-Grams Part 1

  1. This one is for tails. I have being wondering ever sense mobious 30 years later. How are you and Mina together and I fully understand it very well not happen I just really want to know why is there like a hint in one of the issues. And I also really want to see you in your own 5 issue miny series but it also takes place in a very near future that you are like let’s say maybe 15 years old. And you go back to fix and repair the old Fiona fox on the island. But only to find the real one and maybe have a adventure with her just kinda burry the hatchet and maybe even get in a realation ship with her. And you my favorite sonic character ever fight scourge to the finish

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