A Sonic Christmas Carol

The Chaotix Carols – Only for Sonic fans

One day all the Knothole Village was alone in the dark wihout happines or any
soul over there. Because of Robotnik’s schemes. There was a mess between debris
roboticized furs. But suddenly our hero Sonic appeared from the nothing with his
team. There were Knuckles,Charmy Bee,Vector,Mighty,Sally,Antoine.Bunny.Amy,
Tails and Dulcy. They came over from the forest with a great Christmas tree and
they were singing..

You know to Knuckles and Sonic and Vector,
and Charmy and Mighty but…
you wont see on another time a
fur like Espio the Chameleon!!

Espio the purple-horned Chamaleon
He was so colorish than he can get lost in the snow
but you will identify him about his horn.

All the Chaotix laughed at him but then
something happened and his life changed.

Then one foggy Christmas eve
Knuckles came to say
“Espio you will save the night
with your bright horn to Robotnik
you will confuse on our plan.

All the Chaotix loved him and
they never more laughed at him.
Espio the purple-horned Chameleon
who will never go down in history.

C’mon Sonic that s not good better let’s sing Jingle “Bots”

Sonic and Knuckles sang:
Jingle bots Jingle bots
Robotnik is bad and fat
It s time for make him round.Hey!
Jingle bots Jingle bots
Snively has a needle nose
today is day for happiness
Way Cool. Yeah!
Sonic and Knuckles hi-fived each other….”Cool, bro!

Tails came behind them…”Hey I prefer this other one….

We wish we wish you a freedom day,,we wish we wish you happiness,
We wish we wish you a holy ring…and a happy Mobius.
Sonic added:
Good chilidogs for all of your fur… we wish you a good meal.

The Chaotix team sang:

On the twelve days of Christmas my loved sent to me
A green emerald
two Sonic dolls
three Sonic Comics
FFOOOUUR Holy rings


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