Sonic Mega Mix DVD arrives in the U.S. and Canada in January 2011

Sonic Mega Mix

Sonic Mega Mix

Cookie Jar Entertainment was planning to release in the US and Canada, the original Sonic TV shows made by the Americans and French at DIC Entertainment LLC. It the U.S. Amazon lists it as US$9.99 and Barnes and Noble prices it as US$9.01. In Canada, Future Shop lists it as CAN$5.99.

According to the Canadian store Future Shop it's running time is 155 minutes. Although, this DVD is Region 1 and this DVD will only work on an American (including its territories and dependencies), United States Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands and Canada and for Sonic fans who live outside the U.S. and Canada will need a multi-regional DVD player to make this DVD work. Although they might be smiliar versions released outside the USA and Canada that might work on their DVD players. Featuring Jaleel White (b. 1976) as Sonic, Manic and Sonia, this DVD would be a better thing for Sonic fans of all ages to watch.

You can pre-order DVD by clicking on these sites:

Barnes & Noble
Future Shop


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