Fan Scene: Sonic Rebirth

Fangames are just spilling out at the moment! We’ve mentioned Sonic Rebirth on SEGADriven before because it featured heavily at SAGE 2009. The game is a complete remake of Sonic the Hedgehog for Mega Drive with elements and stages from the 8 bit version added as well. It’s a beautiful little project that features almost entirely new graphics that contain a lot of pastel colours.

Leon, the game’s developer has recently released a new build that corrects some of the issues with the last. These include:

* The addition of caterkillers in Marble Zone
* New cutscenes
* Bridge, Jungle and Sky Base zones are now a part of the main story
* Bridge Act 3, Jungle Act 3 and Sky Base Act 2 added
* Some minor changes to the menus and physics

The new build can be downloaded by clicking here. So that’s 2 full Sonic fangames in the space of 4 days. Who said that nobody ever finishes a fangame?

[Source: SFGHQ Forums and SEGADriven]


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