Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic is the world’s fastest hedgehog. He was first planned to be created in 1990 and Naoto Oshima chose it would either be a hedgehog, a bulldog, a wolf, etc. Sonic lives in the American known planet “Mobius”. His planet was a very animal planet, no humans until 1998 due to the release of Sonic Adventure when human characters were adopted.
Sonic’s first appearance was in an arcade game called Wad Mobile (a racing game)
He was originally a rival with Mario (Nintendo’s mascot) until 1998 when it became an independent character, but, in 2007 he became a rival with Mario again
Sonic is also SEGA’s mascot and as well as in Sonic games he’s also in other videogames. As well he also a Cartoon, Anime (term for a Japanese cartoon), comic books and films.
Naoto Oshima (creator of Sonic)

Alex Kidd
Alex Kidd
June 5th 2010 10:49
In April 1990 SEGA wanted to make a new mascot at the SEGA-AM8 (now Sonic Team; founded in 1988) department (which previously created the Phantasy Star series (1988-2006)) that would replace Alex Kidd (mascot, 1985-1991) which had his last game (pictured) in 1990, called Alex Kidd in Shinobi Castle (Japan) and Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle (West). Alex Kidd was an unofficial mascot while the new mascot wasn’t. Yuji Naka (b. 1965) and Naoto Oshima (b. 1964) planned what animal the mascot would be and chose that he will be a sonic speed hedgehog called Sonic the Hedgehog. They chose the colour blue after SEGA’s logo colours.

Sonic made his arcade game debut in Wad Mobile, a racing car game and the first Sonic game called Sonic the Hedgehog  (Game Gear, Mega Drive/Genesis and Master System; 1991) released on the 23 June 1991 which that day counted as Sonic’s birthday in recent years. From 1992-1995 many Sonic were made in the USA becuase the Sonic Team crew had more problems at the Japanese Sonic Team HQ at SEGA Enterprises Ltd. (SEGA Corporation since November 2000). But since 1995 Sonic Team went back to Japan from Hayward, USA where SEGA of America Inc. was based and started to make games in Japan more than in the USA.
In the videogames, Sonic has no familly; but in the cartoon series Sonic Underground (1998-2000) Sonic’s familly is:
-Queen Aleena: Queen of Mobius, his mother. She was kidnapped
-Manic: his brother
-Sonia: His sister
-His farther seperated from her mother in a Latin-American Spanish version of the series.
Sonic has loads friends in many Sonic projects but his friends that he does mission with are:
His rivals are Mario and Knuckles

Sonic X Sonic the Hedgehog Big White Gloves

Sonic the Hedgehog Exclusive 3.5 Inch Action Figure Silver the Hedgehog


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